The Door

Thought of this poem today from my book "Mindless Wanderings & Other Such Nonsense", as I passed an old door on my way to pick up some milk.

The Door

I often wonder
When I'm out walking
And pass an old beaten door,
What lies beyond?
What secrets does it hold?
A silent witness
To those who entered
Through it's arms,
The silent whispers
Of those leaving,
The smirks
And jealous looks
Of husbands, wives and lovers,
Neighbours peering
Sneering and pretending
Not to catch a glimpse
Or overhear a phrase
A word
A careless clue
Some titbit to enlighten
Or does it cast another veil
Of mystery and intrigue
Obscuring and hiding the inner truth —
Maybe after all is said and done
It was just a common door,
And yet, I'd like to believe
There was something more,
Something majestic perhaps,
Where once upon a time
Happiness and love reigned
Beyond it's hinges
Where children's laughter echoed
And the sound of pleasant chatter
Rang out from within

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